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Tasty vegan eats, the events between meals, and the occasional kitty.

Permalink Lemon espresso shortbread.  So. Good.  from the lovely K. Peloza, of course.
Permalink Sesame asparagus and tofu with udon noodles.  I wish I was having this now.  
Permalink Benny would like a good cuddle…or to lure me to the bed so he can come sit on the computer.  You never know.
Permalink over at the MoFo HQ there is a giveaway Lightlife meat alternatives just for showing your fridge contents!  So, here is mine…mostly full of condiments, tofu, and tempeh.
Permalink New fave for a quick and delicious dinner.  Broiled eggplant topped with plum tomato, onion, and spices.
Permalink Oven baked onion rings from Appetite for Reduction.  These were a little crumbly and I made a mess making them, but they were delicious and worth it.
Permalink Grape soda cupcakes!  From Ms. Kelly, again.  Decorated for the Packers game tonight!

Yom Kippur and MoFo

At first I was a little bummed that Yom Kippur was during MoFo this year, since I figured there would be very few things more depressing than blogging about food and sorting through many pictures of food on a fasting day.  Once I started thinking about it, however, I decided this was actually a good thing.  The High Holy days are meant, at least in part, to leave each of us prepared for the new year to be a better year than the previous one.  In thinking about what I need to accomplish that, I realized I tend to lack patience in favor of immediate results.  So before sundown last night I made my very first sourdough starter, something that requires lots of time sitting.  So, while I won’t have bread today, and maybe not even tomorrow, I will have bread, and if all goes according to plan it will be good.  The idea here being that I will see the benefit of patience and not rushing things, even if it took Yom Kippur to get me there.  Now, look at all those lovely bubbles:

Also, Benny is protesting the lack of himself in recent blogs by sleeping on my arms while I type this.  So, without further ado, Benjamin with pink glamorous softpaws:

Permalink A favorite snack:  apples sprinkled with cinnamon and a thin slice of FYH cheddar nicely baked.  Tasty, warm, and gooey.
Permalink Yesterday was biscuits, today we have soup!  This is the curried corn and vegetable chowder from Appetite for Reduction.  Light, full of spices, and easy to made for a delicious soup for unseasonably warm fall nights.